August 30, 2015

About Us

We coach, train and consult using Values Perspectives, a theory and practice supported by our online survey. The Values Perspectives approach to values and human interactions is non-judgmental, and our work with values with individuals, teams and organizations is conducted in a manner that ensures confidentiality and creates safe space for understanding values—one’s own and those of others.

Our Values

Safety – Respect – Diversity – Dialogue – Simplicity – Empowerment – Action

Here are some of the certified consultants who use Values Perspectives. For more information on becoming trained in Values Perspectives, contact us.

Kenton Hyatt, PhD – Tucson, AZ USA  linkedin_icon

Kenton is co-founder of Kairios, and co-author of the Values Perspectives theory and survey; and of What’s Important: Understanding and Working with Values Perspectives. Kenton specializes in values assessment and development for individuals, groups, teams, and organizations and the development of supporting ethical behaviors. Kenton is also a painter and photographer. BIO


Cheryl De Ciantis, PhD – Tucson, AZ USA 

Cheryl is co-founder of Kairios, and co-author of the Values Perspectives theory and survey; and of What’s Important: Understanding and Working with Values Perspectives. She is a coach, team and leadership development designer/facilitator and organizational consultant, specializing in creative methodologies for insight and action. Cheryl is also an artist and mythologist. BIO


Ginger Grant
Ginger Grant, PhD – Toronto, Canada 

Ginger is a Professor of Innovation at Sheridan College and a Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business School. Her areas of specialization include business anthropology, leadership and organizational ethnography. She is the author of Finding Your Creative Core and Re-Visioning the Way We Work.



Golnaz GolnaraghiGolnaz Golnaraghi, DBA – Toronto, Canada  linkedin_icon

President and Founder of Divity Group, Golnaz is a consultant and senior facilitator committed to designing highly experiential approaches seeking to inspire individual and team transformation. She believes emotional intelligence is central to challenging assumptions and current practices to come up with new alternatives and innovative solutions. Her expertise includes leadership development, diverse teams, and empathy driven innovation. She is the co-author of a chapter on diversity in the workplace in  The Oxford Handbook of Diversity in Organizations.


Kjersti Steinskog

Kjersti Steinskog – Oslo, Norway 

Kjersti is CEO of Business Inspirator AS. She is a specialist in global organizational strategy development and implementation and turnaround, taking a values-based approach to leadership and executive team development. BIO



Arne Sverre Modahl
Arne Sverre Modahl – Oslo, Norway  linkedin_icon

Owner and Partner at Business Inspirator AS, Arne develops/coaches leaders in teams and individually. His work in organisational development focuses on values based leadership and understanding of roles; and on development processes with the focus on market and customer, values, behavior and culture.



Carine Dartiguepeyrou
Carine Dartiguepeyrou, PhD – Paris, France  linkedin_icon

President and co-founder of L’Observatoire des valeurs, Cariner is a Master Coach, futurist and researcher in R & D, social systems and governance in the digital age, and consults in strategy and change management. She is a widely published author and editor, and is an artist. Carine is Executive Committee Vice President for the Club de Budapest France and is also President of Uniqueness. BIO


Fehrunnisa Moore

Fehrunnisa Moore – Santa Cruz, CA USA 

Based in the Silicon Valley area, Fehrunnisa is an ICF Master Certified Coach, with deep executive coaching experience in the tech and health industries, developing leaders and high-performing teams. Fehrunnisa has a commitment to the expansion of consciousness and is a senior teacher with the Sufi Order International and leads annual treks in Nepal. BIO



Willow Hyatt – New Orleans, LA USA linkedin_icon

Willow specializes in medium and small business organizational structures and growth transitions. As an artist in the corporate world she has a unique and emotionally connected perspective on business dynamics.



Donna Montgomery, PhD – Sacramento Area, CA USA 

Donna is an organizational psychologist who has worked with leaders in start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to achieve personal, team, and corporate culture transformation. She is an expert in the areas of leadership and organization development, developing talent, and communications and change management strategies.



Anne Andrault
Anne Andrault – Paris, France  linkedin_icon

Anne, co-founder of L’Observatoire des valeurs, is a futurist, social media entrepreneur, artist, writer and editor and specialist in green products.  Anne is the French-language translator for the Values Perspectives, and is deeply knowledgeable with regard to the relation of linguistics and culture in meaning-making. She is a member of the Executive Committee of the Club de Budapest France.



Patrick Marant

Patrick Marant – Paris, France 

Patrick is a co-founder of L’Observatoire des valeurs. He is a business consultant and social media entrepreneur who brings together people, creative ideas and the means to execute; and he brings these talents to his coaching and collaborative team development practices. Patrick is General Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Club de Budapest France.