Change Your Story – Change Your Direction

10The story you tell about yourself may be told in a subtle or forceful way, but the power it has to direct your future is unmistakable. When you take charge of your story, and decide to make changes in it, others respond. They may support or resist what they hear, but if your new story is well crafted, and told with confidence, and often, soon it becomes the story they tell about you as well. To be accepted, new stories have to be genuine, authentic, so they take energy to craft, and practice in their telling before they feel like the right fit. Most of the time that means we have to revisit and revise them until we get it right. Try it out, but give yourself a few weeks to see if you’ve got it right. Go ahead, change your direction. If you don’t then the story you are currently telling, and the one others tell about you will probably remain the same.