Our New Book: What’s Important

It’s About Values. What’s Important is about Values Perspectives: a different way of looking at and working with values, whether you want to really understand what drives your own life and work choices; or if you want to build a foundation of shared values energy with your team, or, align your organization behind a truly Read more about Our New Book: What’s Important[…]

Values Driven Leadership

Values Driven Leadership is an in depth look at leadership styles as they develop from the Values Persective model. Four basic styles describe a wide variety of priorities and behaviors in a simple to understand model and discussion. This exploration into leadership is not yet another leadership prescription, offering what should be done. It is Read more about Values Driven Leadership[…]

The Internet: A Phase-Shift in the Value of Belonging

Facebook now has more than 800 million active users. Google+ just started, and already has over 100 million active users. Wikipedia names more than 200 separate social networking sites, representing a growing diversity of interests. Even though the remarkable growth of social networks has been leveling off, nearly one billion users is a lot of Read more about The Internet: A Phase-Shift in the Value of Belonging[…]

Change Your Story – Change Your Direction

The story you tell about yourself may be told in a subtle or forceful way, but the power it has to direct your future is unmistakable. When you take charge of your story, and decide to make changes in it, others respond. They may support or resist what they hear, but if your new story Read more about Change Your Story – Change Your Direction[…]

Graduated and scared to death? Time to learn and tell your Core story

We conducted a recent workshop with undergraduates, new graduates and faculty at a university business school in Canada. For a lot of them, the question is “what now?” The premise we started with is: learn yourself and learn to tell your story with clarity and confidence. Getting there requires that each person gets to his Read more about Graduated and scared to death? Time to learn and tell your Core story[…]

Storytelling in a Civil Engineering Company

Storytelling is a powerful vehicle for persuasion. We work with a large civil engineering company, where engineers, estimators and business managers rotate from the field into an employee development advocate role. Their job is to identify development needs in their business unit. Some of these people like to say that they have come into the role with Read more about Storytelling in a Civil Engineering Company[…]