Resources for Leadership Values and Storytelling, UCSC Grad Div January 14, 2022

Thank you for taking the Kairios Values Perspectives survey. Here are some resources for you. Click on the owls or titles below to download.

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Contact us: Cheryl De Ciantis & Kenton Hyatt 

An editable Word document to help you reflect on what your Values Perspectives Survey results mean.

Powerpoint slides showing revised aggregated data for all Jan 14 workshop survey takers to date 1/21/2022

Powerpoint slides used in workshop session Friday, January 14, with notes NOW AVAILABLE

We posit four leadership Styles based on the Values Perspectives model

This pdf contains the descriptions of the six Kairios Values Perspectives.

We all have energy distributed through the six values Perspectives. Being aware of your own values perspective, or worldview, can be helpful in understanding your own values better. Understanding the six Perspectives can help with understanding as well with gaining insight into others’ values worldview, for better mutual communication and understanding. Caveat: always check any assumptions made about others by asking respectfully–and non-judgmentally: “What’s most important to YOU?” communication

Books and Articles of Interest - PHRONESIS and alternative modes of leading

Making Social Science Matter: Why Social Inquiry Fails and How it Can Succeed Again

Bent Flyvbjerg 

Published by Cambridge University Press, 2001

Highly recommended reading on the nature of phronesis in complex social space; also addressing the perennial elephant in the room: our disempowering cultural assumptions about power  

Example of Phronetic leadership: how to influence through connecting facts with with compelling story and inclusion
A Crocheted Coral Reefs project exhibition was mounted at Sesnon Gallery UCSC in 2017
Crocheted Coral Reefs global project online
Scientific American Blog: How to Crochet a Coral Reef–and Why
Wonderful example of alternative modes for engagement; the Crocheted Coral Reefs project is based mathematician Daina Taimina’s discovery of how to represent a difficult concept through unexpectedly simple and effective means
Crocheting hyperbolic planes | Daina Taimina | TEDxRiga
Some intriguiging recent research and possible implications for understanding values polarization
Of Ants and Men: Ant behavior might mirror political polarization