Our Values


We work to create the conditions for a confidential, non-judgmental container for the work we do, whether in an online survey, personal discussion, classroom, or training room. Each person’s set of values is her or his alone, only we as individuals ‘own’ our values. We do not collect identifying data and never share information about a person’s values with anyone but that person.


Everyone is worthy of being respected for the values they hold. We show respect to those we work with at all times and ensure that our work is conducted in a spirit of mutual respect.


We each define our values uniquely. No one’s values set is identical to anyone else’s. The diversity of values is what gives us access to the widest reach across worldviews, for understanding and a complete perception of the world around us. We all need not only the perspective of our own values but to value the perspectives of others.


Our values work is never an end in itself. We fundamentally drive toward dialogue, beginning with the reflective dialogue each person has within her or himself about values. We can never really know what someone else means by a value, even as ‘simple’ as the value of honesty, until we ask and listen and share our own way of living it. This is the basis of all work we do with values. Dialogue is a growing-edge competency that the world needs, and is the only way to truly understand values.


Understanding values should not be difficult. We strive to get to the “simplicity the other side of complexity” of values and make our language, teaching, facilitating and support of values practitioners both as substantive and as user-friendly as we can without giving up what is most important for everyone to know about values.


We support everyone who is interested in values. We train and encourage values practitioners and coaches, and ensure that everyone who wants to learn about their own values and those of others gets something they can use.


Our values are worthless unless we find the best ways to “live them:” to put them into action personally, in our teams and groups, in our institutions and businesses, and in our culture. We always work toward actionable value-driven goals for the short term and values-based strategies for the long term.