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Pre-Reading Assignment

⊗ Required- Certification Manual, pp. 3-20

⊗ Required – Complete Observation p. 18 (in your personal journal)

⊕ Suggested: Create a personal Values journal

⊕ Suggested – Certification Manual pp. 21-3

⊕ Suggested – Article: “Values Driven Leadership”

The Certification Manual is meant to be a permanent resource for you, and is designed to deepen your personal understanding and practice of the Values Perspectives work.

Homework Assignment for Session 2 - complete before Thursday, January 21

⊗ Required – Certification Manual, pp. 3-65

⊗ Required – “Live-With:” Ask Questions — Until session 2, practice asking questions that lead to dialogue; questions that lead to more talk, allow you to get deeper, and then ask more. Also try asking questions you might not usually, or that might ordinarily make you feel vulnerable or “foolish.” (This is not therapy; simply be aware of your habitual boundaries and look for opportunities to press on them a little in order to connect with others in ways you might not ordinarily.)

⊗ Required – In the personal Values Journal you have created, reflect on your experience with the Ask Questions Live-With, and what you learned.

⊕ Suggested: Familiarize yourself with the “Discernment Questions” (a set of questions designed to stimulate reflection for each of the 102 values; posted below).

As an addendum to your Certification Manual, these questions will help you more deeply understand the 102 values, and can be useful in planning questions you may choose to use in coaching sessions.