April 16, 2009

Finding Work With Values

In the current economic turndown, many people are looking for work. Jobs are scarce. Having even a slight edge over competitors for a position can make all the difference. Knowing your values and how to present yourself as the most valuable choice to a prospective employer can make that difference.

The purpose of this booklet is to help you to make decisions about how to look for work using an awareness of your own values as well as those of the company or group you are thinking about joining. It will also help you when you are interviewing for a job.

What this booklet will give you:

· The basics for understanding how your values operate so that you can create a value statement that becomes part of your application to an organization.

· The basics for understanding the values of an organization you may be targeting for employment.

· Guides for planning your employment application based on a values match.

· Techniques to use in face-to-face interviewing.

Downloadable PDF 20 pp $10.00 US