Certification Requirements


Powerpoint DAY TWO

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Group Values Practicum

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Diversity Example

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DAY ONE Powerpoint for Certification Workshop

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Certification workshop pre-reading assignment

Please note that there is no ‘test’ for these readings and exercise/observations. They are for your learning, and we recommend you make a few notes for yourself, marginally or in a learning file or journal.

If you find something particularly interesting, or something raises questions for you, please make a note of it for yourself. We will of course invite any and all questions during the workshop.

1) Please read pages 2-60, and if you have time before the workshop, to at least page 65.

2) Please complete the Exercise and Observations sections on page 17.

3) From among the Perspective descriptions (pages 24-47) please select one of the Observation sections to make some notes on for yourself. (These appear on pages, 27 for Grounding Perspective, 31 for Family Perspective, 35 for Management Perspective, 39 for Relational Perspective, 43 for Systems Perspective and 47 for Expansion Perspective). You need select only one, and preferably for a Perspective that is not your Core Perspective (which is indicated on the report you received).

The Certification Manual is meant to be a permanent resource for you, and is designed to deepen your personal understanding and practice of the Values Perspectives work.

Our book, What’s Important: Understanding and Working with Values Perspectives is not required reading prior to the workshop. However, it does contain examples of Perspectives ‘on the ground’ and additional details of real-life practice.