Radical Creativity by Kenton Hyatt


Creativity: what if we got it wrong? 

What if there is a different way to understand creativity, one that is at once more accessible and more closely connected to the actual nature of creativity? Radical Creativity looks deeply into why commonly held views are severely limiting and suggests a relational approach to creativity that changes almost everything. It even includes developing a relationship with your own unconscious mind.

Radical Creativity is vast; it is a thorough investigation of creativity in ways you will have never expected. More than just an academic investigation, Radical Creativity is a creative work in itself, infused with imaginal essays that work in subtle and profound ways to support a genuinely fresh approach to creativity. This is a book that will challenge you to really think carefully about creativity, about yourself, and how you are creating yourself. Buckle up. When you finish, you will be different —you will have choices you have never before thought about. You will have an expanded understanding of your own creative potential.

Radical Creativity is for all creative people, which is everyone, but particularly for those in creative professions: programmers, designers, marketers, advertisers, healthcare professionals, parents, people in relationships, managers, senior executives, anyone engaged in creating a team or organization, artists of every sort, and anyone interested in creating themselves.

What readers are saying:

This book is like a “get out of jail free” card for creatives stuggling because of bad advice.

“Hyatt confirms what I thought was my own personal secret: that my creativity depends on disregarding bad advice “experts” have developed from tightly controlled “evidence-based” research that only measures tangible outcomes. For those of us who want to protect our creative process so we can continue to achieve much more valuable “intangible results” like hope, inspiration, and joy, this book reminds to embrace the messy juicy parts – all of which are beautifully rendered with true examples that validate what you probably already know down deep in your bones. Like a get out of jail free card!”

– Annette Simmons, author of The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art of Storytelling


“Hyatt states, ‘[The] perspective offered by Radical Creativity is supposed to challenge, not just for the sake of challenge, but because the question is not if we are creative, or why we are creative but how we interact with our own creativity.’ Hyatt’s challenge has set me free to soar beyond the limits of self-awareness. There is a feeling of oneness, a feeling of communion. It means allowing whatever will happen to happen, not forcing the direction or the results. Everything you may know about ‘creativity’ is closely questioned and turned on its head.”

– Russell K. Bunge