RESOURCES for Humber ORI Values Phronesis and Storytelling

Resources for Humber ORI: Values Phronesis and Storytelling

Thank you for taking the Kairios Values Perspectives survey. Here are some resources for you. Click on the owls or titles below to download.

ADDED: Powerpoint for Part 2 workshop Wednesday December 8

We can post additional resources as requested. Scroll down for : The Six Kairios Values Perspectives (pdf) and links to examples of Phronesis. Check it out! 

Contact us: Cheryl De Ciantis & Kenton Hyatt 

Assignment - please complete before workshop session 2 on Wednesday, December 8

Set aside 30 minutes, and pick 2 images:

1) What value I feel least energized by

2) What value energizes me the most

Make notes about what the cards mean to you and save for virtual sharing next time (save to your phone!)

Can be any image: something you like, an image of your own, or search online 


Public Domain Review –

Powerpoint slides used in workshop session Wednesday December 8, with notes 

An editable Word document to help you reflect on what your Values Perspectives Survey results mean.

Powerpoint slides used in workshop session Wednesday December 1, with notes 

This graph is a summary of all the choices made by the group in completing each of the three steps in Kairios Values Perspectives survey. It represents a values energy “snapshot.” Most highly-energized values are in red; next-most in blue; least in gray italic. Total values “energy” in each Perspective is represented by a relative percentage. Note that not selecting values does not mean they are not active; they are either less important in aggregate or are already activated and need little conscious attention.

Questions to consider:

In what ways might this graph reflect how you have experienced each other as a group?

How do individual/diverse values and values Perspectives/worldviews align with this snapshot? How do they differ?

What values might you choose to operationalize as norms in your group? What additional values might you wish to consider?

We posit four leadership Styles based on the Values Perspectives model

This pdf contains the descriptions of the six Kairios Values Perspectives.

We all have energy distributed through the six values Perspectives. Being aware of your own values perspective, or worldview, can be helpful in understanding your own values better. Understanding the six Perspectives can help with understanding as well with gaining insight into others’ values worldview, for better mutual communication and understanding. Caveat: always check any assumptions made about others by asking respectfully–and non-judgmentally: “What’s most important to YOU?” communication

Articles of Interest - PHRONESIS