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What you value creates your reality

Simply put, values are energy. They motivate us, so that we want to move toward the people and things we feel share our values—and away from the ones we feel do not. Our values direct how we prioritize things in our lives, how we make decisions, and what actions we take, in every moment. Some values have been with us since early in life, and may stay with us for a lifetime. Others become more important with life experience and the realization that we can choose our values. It’s up to us.

Mostly, our values don’t operate in isolation. They cluster together in patterns of energy, emotion and thinking that are unique to each of us, making each of us who we are.

Our Values

Our Working Values are...


We create a confidential, non-judgmental place for values insight, whether in an online survey, personal discussion, classroom, or meeting room.


Everyone is worthy of being respected for the values they hold. We ensure that our work is conducted in a spirit of mutual respect.


The diversity of values is what gives us access to the widest reach across worldviews, for a complete perception of the people around us.


Our work drives fundamentally toward dialgue about values. Dialogue is is the only way to truly understand one's own and others' values.

What's Important

Understanding and Working with Values Perspectives

Values Perspectives is a different way of looking at and working with values, whether you really want to understand what drives your own life and work choices; or if you want to build a foundation of shared values energy with your team; or align your organization behind a truly shared sense of purpose.

Cheryl and Kenton have presented us with a valuable gift by clarifying the process of identifying those values that influence our decisions and behavior….They have developed a model that brings safety to the reflection process and invites engagement by those who may feel excluded from this vital conversation

Robert Thomas

Professor of the Practice, Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship,
Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology


Thinking About Values

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