The Values Perspectives Survey

The Values Perspectives survey is available online, through individual purchase, or through certified users.

1) The Individual Survey and Report. In life, we prioritize among possible values. This process is in operation all the time, though we are rarely conscious of it. This survey offers a straightforward, conscious, non-judgmental process for prioritizing among values–focusing rather than forcing choices–to arrive at the survey-taker’s list of nine highest-priority values. A simple algorithm calculates the values selections to determine the values perspective with the greatest concentration of values energy. People taking the survey often report that it made them think about their values in a new way.

A personal, confidential 11-page report is delivered electronically to the survey-taker when the survey is completed.

The report details:

  •  The survey-taker’s nine highest-priority values in rank order.
  •  A description of the Perspective that has been identified through the individual’s value choices.
  •  Guidelines for things to consider about the how their Perspective works, and ways to grow.
  •  A list of discernment questions for each of the top nine values, guiding the individual to consider each value in light of their own experience, and to consider developmental options unique to each value. These questions are robust and are constructed using researched developmental models and practical pedagogy based on decades of coaching practice.

For many individuals, the intervention may end here. Having gone through a discernment process and being provided with developmental questions for consideration, there is ample information for a person to continue on her or his values discernment process on her or his own. Download a sample report.


2) A Tool for the Coach: The Coach’s Field Report. When an individual takes The Values Perspective survey online, a further report may be generated from the database. This report is a one-page matrix, showing all the value choices made by a survey taker in the course of the online survey process. This is a powerful tool for initiating a discussion with a coachee that takes into account the deeper levels of values dynamics and significant clusters that may enter the coaching discussion based on the coachee’s intention or goals. It gives deep insight and can be used to formulate goals that are values-based and thus realistic, emotionally motivating and achievable.

This report is provided to coaches in an individual coaching situation, who are certified in the use of the Values Perspective theory and model, and have demonstrated basic coaching skills. The most important skills are 1) the ability to provide a safe environment, free from judgment or bias; 2) the ability to formulate testable hypotheses using the data at hand, and within the context of the coachee’s situation and the coaching brief; and 3) the ability to formulate and ask appropriate questions that help the coachee to arrive at clarity.


3) A Tool for the Facilitator and/or Consultant: The Aggregated Field Report. Individual survey data may be grouped to construct an aggregated report. It is similar to the Coach’s Field Report, except that it anonymously displays a statistical averaging of all values choices made by a group of individuals. As with the Coach’s Report, a graphic representation of the values field provides, in effect, a histrogram/snapshot of the group’s values energy, and is a powerful focus for stimulating objective discussion and dialogue within a group, starting from the safe foundation of anonymity.

Once a facilitator or consultant communicates the basic factors needed to understand how values work, participants in a group setting can quickly see:

  • Likely sources for communication successes and misfires, within the group and with other functional groups, partners or customers;
  • Perspective gaps (for example, groups will often conclude that they would like to focus more values energy in the Relational perspective);
  • Values diversity within the group.

Consulting with the Aggregated Field Report. The Aggregated Field Report can be useful to consultants, since it permits the collection of values data across groups for comparison and contrast, for example, between selected functional groups within an organization.

A caveat for this kind of use is that any organizational intervention will cause its own, sometimes unintended consequences, and organizational leadership is always responsible to ensure ethical use of survey results and to anticipate questions or challenges that may arise among their constituents, and their appropriate resolution.

Uses include organizational diagnosis, branding and marketing, culture assessment for merger/acquisition.